March 3, 2021

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: A Career Guide

Below are the topics that you will read about in this blog: What is AWS...

Below are the topics that you will read about in this blog:

What is AWS SysOps Administrator?

getting into the details of the several roles and responsibilities of AWS
Certified SysOps Administrators, let’s try to understand who they are. These
professionals are present in the entire life cycle of any cloud project. They
are mainly responsible for deploying, managing, and operating various required
systems on the given AWS platform. Besides, these professionals are also
responsible for maintaining and managing their organizations’ AWS infrastructure.
Moreover, they also optimize companies’ costs and manage respective bills.

Watch this comprehensive video tutorial on AWS SysOps Administrator Certification:

that you have briefly understood about these professionals, let’s discuss their
several job roles and responsibilities in detail.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Responsibilities

main highlight of any career opportunity, including that of AWS SysOps Administrators,
is directly related to their roles and responsibilities. This is basically the
same as the job description of these professionals.

main responsibility of an AWS Administrator is to configure cloud management
services on AWS in the organization. Further, as an AWS Administrator, you need
to manage and monitor numerous AWS services involved. Following are some of the
additional, yet significant, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator roles:

  • Learn the metrics and also
    monitor the overall usage of several AWS resources with the help of Amazon
  • Maintain the backups of these
    resources via regular on-premises backups with the help of different AWS
  • Reduce the production time
    necessary via AWS CloudFormation skills to deploy the infrastructure for
  • Make necessary improvements
    in resources and also work on resource tagging to designate plans and costs for
    governance, reporting, and budgeting
  • Build and manage Bastion
    Hosts, C2S access points, and VPC
  • Efficiently monitor the
    development and billing of several strategies for cost optimization

Some of
the other significant roles of these professionals include:

  • Managing the complete AWS
    life cycle, along with security, provisioning, and automation
  • Administrating and
    establishing the architecture of multi-tier systems
  • Fine-tuning and configuring
    various cloud infrastructures
  • Performing services such as
    kernel patching, errata patching, and software upgrades
  • Creating backups and managing
    disaster recovery
  • Maintaining access control,
    as well as the integrity of data, throughout the platform of the AWS
  • Effectively monitoring
    performance degree and its availability

acquire the necessary skills and gain the abilities to fulfill all the
responsibilities of an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, you must register
for an online AWS SysOps training. This will help you find a
high-paying job in this domain and also assist you in the success and growth of
your career.

you will read about the numerous job roles and opportunities available for
these professionals.

AWS SysOps Administrator Jobs

are numerous job opportunities available for these AWS certified professionals
across the world. Some of these job profiles include:

  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Admin
  • Senior SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Solutions Engineer
  • Server Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Admin
  • AWS Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Certified Full Stack

are just a few of the most popular and demanding job opportunities available
for AWS certified professionals. Let’s now check out the organizations that are
looking to hire these professionals.

Companies Hiring AWS SysOps Professionals

are the organizations that are hiring AWS certified professionals:

  • Oracle
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Atos
  • CGI
  • Nokia
  • Epsilon
  • Amazon
  • Cognitio

assume an AWS job role in any of the leading organizations mentioned above, you
need to have a well-prepared AWS SysOps Administrator resume. With
Intellipaat’s training, you will get assistance in preparing your resume and
finding a lucrative job in one of these top companies.

Learn AWS

you will get an in-depth understanding of the AWS SysOps examination.

AWS SysOps Administrator Exam

In this
AWS SysOps exam, there are a few abilities and qualities that are evaluated.
Some of the abilities this examination tests include the following:

  • Operating, managing, and
    deploying AWS systems with features such as availability, high-scalability, and
    fault tolerance
  • Controlling and implementing
    data flow from and to AWS
  • Appropriately selecting
    respective AWS services in terms of data, computation, and security
  • Identifying the exact use of
    selected AWS operations
  • Estimating the usage cost of
  • Transferring data and
    information from on-premises databases to the AWS cloud

are the details regarding this examination:

  • Time duration: 130 minutes
  • Exam format: Multiple-choice questions
  • Cost of examination: US$150
  • Number of questions: 55-60 questions

have got an overview of the AWS SysOps examination. Now, you will learn about
various reasons why you must take up this certification.

Reasons to Go for an AWS SysOps Administrator Certification

I am
sure you must be thinking about the reasons why you must become an AWS
Certified SysOps Administrator. Let’s get into those reasons.

As per
the IT Skills and Salary Report by Global’s Knowledge, AWS Certified SysOps
Administrator Associate is among the highest-paid certified professionals.

most certifications with a primary focus on generally a single-service
technology such as MySQL, Hadoop, and more, AWS certifications cover a plethora
of AWS services. These certifications assist you in understanding the concepts
and services of networking, storage, and processing that play an important role
in organizations.

Become a certified cloud expert

important reason why you must consider taking up this certification and
becoming an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator is that they are one of the
highest-paid IT professionals today. Let’s get a detailed understanding of how
much these professionals earn on a yearly basis.

AWS SysOps Administrator Salary

As per
Indeed, the average salary of AWS
Certified SysOps Administrators ranges from US$48,321 to about US$127,064 per
annum in the United States
based on their roles and the organizations that
they work for.

to Glassdoor, the average income of
these professionals in India is approximately ₹711,000 per year, and it may
rise to ₹1,170,000
based on the level of position and experience.

The main aim of this blog is to help you understand in-depth about the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification. Here, you have got a basic understanding of who these professionals are and what their main roles and responsibilities are. You also read about the range of job opportunities available for professionals in this domain once they get certified. Additionally, you got an idea about the examination and why you should get certified as an AWS SysOps Administrator. In the end, you got a gist of the salary range of these professionals.

To clear any doubts regarding AWS and its certifications, you can check out AWS Community!

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