January 16, 2021

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The Elements you Need to Have in Your Mind Before Deciding on Which Crops to...

The Elements you Need to Have in Your Mind Before Deciding on Which Crops to Plant for a Survival Garden

Those people who survive in the current world full of pandemics and other devastating disasters are the ones who understand very well what it means to proper planning and making useful decisions towards life. The current life requires the individuals who are determined and knows the techniques for survival and they have the essential crops which they have grown and can enable them live for a certain period. A good number of people have their own gardens which they depend on for survival during hard and easy times. The number of people who clearly know the usefulness of home garden are very small and that is why many have suffered a lot when it pandemics or any disaster strikes the world. The below article talks about the elements many homeowners with various sizes of survival gardens need to have in mind before deciding which crops to plant in the gardens.

To begin with, nutritional content the crops have is one of the factors. Being in a position to grow crops which give different nutrients like carbohydrates which are energy giving foods, vitamins which are responsible for fighting infections and other things matters a lot. Therefore, the calorie and nutritional value of the crops planted in any survival garden need to be checked first for better balancing.

Secondly, ease of growth is another factor. Not all the soils can support faster growth of various crops and that is why you need to inspect first the type of soil your garden is composed so that you know very well which crops are favored. The crops which are favored by the climate condition where your garden is located are good and can grow faster hence beneficial.

How you are going to preserve and store the harvested produce means a lot. Most of the plants grown for survival are perishable and mostly they are known to have limited shelf life and that is why proper planning is needed. Storage facilities you have dedicated for all the crops you have grown in your garden need to be good so that your produce don’t get wasted.

Being able to consider the yielding properties the crops you have grown have matters a lot. Growing crops whose yielding properties are good and can sustain your family for a given period of time is quite a better decision you can make as an individual. To wind up, the above article gives some of the various factors you should put into consideration before deciding on planting on your garden.

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